Captivating slow motion video of stuff bouncing off gelatin

This video—made by General Electrics—shows different stuff, from a Christmas ornament to a watermelon, falling and bouncing off gelatin in glorious and mesmerizing stop motion. They didn't create it just for fun, their locomotive engineers were looking for new ways of converting momentum into electricity. »3/13/15 9:48am3/13/15 9:48am


These neat charts will help you name the colors properly 

If you are like me and only know three or four types of red, a couple kinds of white, and just one way to refer to black, The Color Thesaurus will open a new world for you. These charts, created by writer and Children's book illustrator Ingrid Sundberg, show some of the names of the different tones of basic colors. »3/11/15 7:40am3/11/15 7:40am

Watching this scale model of an Airbus A310 fly is truly amazing

Martin Müller is a airplane modeling genius. He made this perfectly functional Airbus A310-200 at a 1:22 scale and flew it during an indoor airshow in Leipzing, Germany, three years ago. Yes, the video is old, but I'm sure there is people like me who haven't seen it yet—and that's inexcusable because it's great. »2/10/15 10:45am2/10/15 10:45am

Really cool space porn to get all pumped up before the comet landing

I've seen videos edited with footage from ISS before, but I like this one above the rest for two reasons. One: A human-made spacecraft is going land on the surface of a comet for the first time ever, and we NEED to celebrate it with some good space porn. And two: The remarkable editing work of Guillaume Juin. »11/12/14 9:50am11/12/14 9:50am

Scary giant man crawls out from the ground in shocking outdoor sculpture

Hungarian artist Ervin Loránth Hervé installed earlier this month an outdoor statue in Budapest's Széchenyi Square showing a gigantic furious man crawling out from the ground. I'm sure this art piece—created for the Art Market Budapest fair—scared the hell out of some distracted drivers already. »10/27/14 9:32am10/27/14 9:32am