Guy invents color-coded chord wheel to translate music into paintings 

Tim Bavington—an artist based in Las Vegas, Nevada—is not the first artist who tries to paint music but he might be the most precise at it. He came up with a color-coded chord wheel that helps him translate notes into colors so he can make paintings that are exact visualizations of his favorite songs. » 4/16/15 5:03am Yesterday 5:03am

The entire human evolution is condensed in these stunning opening titles

Watching the stunning opening titles of the FITC Toronto 2015—a conference for digital creators of all kinds—is like watching the life of the whole of humanity flash before your eyes. The video—created by motion graphics artist Will Reid—sums up human evolution in three minutes full of pure eye candy. » 4/15/15 2:25pm Wednesday 2:25pm

Hilarious ad: What to do when your friend turns into an animated GIF 

When a commercial starts with a silly premise like:"What would you do if your friend turned into an animated GIF?" you know you're about to watch something great. That's why I'm such a big fan of Flying Horse's ads. The Brazilian energy drink brand makes some of the weirdest and most hilarious commercials… » 4/15/15 7:17am Wednesday 7:17am

Video: The world's best chef interviews sushi legend Jiro Ono

Rene Redzepi, co-owner and executive chef of Danish restaurant Noma—considered by some the best restaurant in the world—interviews legendary sushi master Jiro Ono over a cup of tea in this utterly interesting video. The conversation is a great lesson about food, life, and how to become a true master. » 4/14/15 6:57am Tuesday 6:57am

Video: The mesmerizing process of making a handmade designer chair

Prepare to get hypnotized by the skills and precision of Overgaard & Dyrman, a design brand located in Copenhagen, Denmark, that makes beautiful furniture mixing traditional hand crafted techniques with modern technology. This video shows the process of making one of its gorgeous Wire Dining Chairs. » 4/13/15 8:00am Monday 8:00am