Watching this scale model of an Airbus A310 fly is truly amazing

Martin Müller is a airplane modeling genius. He made this perfectly functional Airbus A310-200 at a 1:22 scale and flew it during an indoor airshow in Leipzing, Germany, three years ago. Yes, the video is old, but I'm sure there is people like me who haven't seen it yet—and that's inexcusable because it's great.


Here are the specifications:

  • Type: Airbus A310-200
  • Scale: 1:22
  • Wingspan: 2000 mm
  • Number of Servos: 9
  • Battery: 2s/450mAh
  • Primary Functions: Rudder, Elevator, Flaps, Spoiler, Ailerons via Spoiler, Motors (differential control)
  • Secondary Functions: Retractable Landing Gear, Cabin lighting, Landing lights, Position lights and fin illumination (individually switchable)
  • Weight (RTF) with helium filling: 348g
  • Weight (RTF) with air filling: approx. 390g
  • Max. Speed: approx. 7m/s (equivalent to approx. 300kts scale speed)
  • Landing Speed: approx. 3m/s (equivalent to approx. 130kts scale speed)

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